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12 Feb 2021

The State Inspector’s Service Introduced a Mentorship Program

The State Inspector’s Service is focused on the recruitment of qualified staff and supporting their development. To support rapid integration of new employees and professional development, with the cooperation of the US Department of Justice, a mentorship program has been introduced in the Service. 

A mentor is an experienced professional with relevant knowledge and high professional values and skills, who helps new staff members in getting acquainted with the organizational culture, developing necessary practical skills and addressing challenges. 

Within the framework of the program, 17 mentors were selected from all the structural units, who underwent three-day preliminary training. The training course was led by Michael Grant, Legal Advisor of the US Embassy in Georgia, Sophia Babutsidze and Ketevan Asanidze, the representatives of the Human Resource Management and Development Department and Center for Professional Development and Career Management of the General Prosecutors’ Office of Georgia. 

The training was conducted remotely and included practical issues that will help mentors in cooperation and sharing knowledge with newly recruited staff members. The training program included: mentor’s role in an organization, stages of mentoring, forms of cooperation, adaptation of new staff members in an organization, motivation theories, teaching methods and techniques of feedback. 

The mentorship program focuses on identifying capacities of new employees, promoting and supporting them in their career development.