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24 Dec 2020

The first intern-investigators have been appointed to the Investigation Department of the State Inspector's Service

5 intern-investigators selected on the basis of a 4-stage open competition have been appointed to the position of State Inspector. The selected candidates will undergo a paid internship of up to one year in the Eastern Division of the Investigation Department of the State Inspector's Service.

State Inspector Londa Toloraia held the first meeting with the newly appointed intern-investigators and wished them success in their future professional activities. The meeting was attended by the First Deputy State Inspector, Giorgi Gamezardashvili and representatives of the Service.

"Internship is one of the best ways to attract and develop new, strong and highly qualified staff. For this purpose, we have introduced a program of intern-investigators in the State Inspector's Service from the very first year of its activity. We are glad to have young and motivated people join our team from today, whose vision and diligence will give even more energy to the service. For 1 year, you will be equipped with the powers of an investigator, which on the one hand gives you the greatest opportunity and on the other hand, imposes the greatest responsibility. I am sure we will establish good internship practices together, which will be a successful example for future interns."-  Londa Toloraia said.

In parallel with the start of the internship, a mentoring program was introduced in the State Inspector's Service to promote the professional development of new staff. The newly appointed intern-investigators will be assisted by experienced service investigators who will assist them in developing the knowledge, skills, and practical challenges that arise in the investigation process. The Mentors Program was developed in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Justice.

The competition for intern-investigators was announced on October 5, 2020. 245 applications were submitted for the competition. As a result of the 4-stage competition, the candidates were selected based on their professional knowledge and skills. Representatives of the non-governmental sector and academia were invited to the competition commission.

Intern-investigators will undergo a special preparatory course at the initial stage. The training program is focused on sharing practical knowledge that will help them overcome the challenges of daily life and effectively implement professional activities.