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09 Nov 2021

Statement of the State Inspector’s Service

Based on the report received from the Public Defender's Office, as well as information disseminated in the social network and the media, on 9 November 2021, the Investigative Department of the State Inspector's Service launched investigation into an alleged fact of inhuman treatment against the third President M.  Saakashvili under paragraph 2 (subparagraphs  "a", "b", "e" and "g") of Article 1443 of the Criminal Code of Georgia. 

The State Inspector's Service has already contacted M. Saakashvili's lawyer for the purpose of interviewing M. Saakashvili. Following the interview and on the basis of the information provided, all the necessary investigative and procedural actions, including medical examination, will be planned.

The State Inspector's Service already addressed the Special Penitentiary Service on 8 November 2021, to archive videotapes depicting M. Saakashvili's movement, including transportation from N12 penitentiary establishment to N18 penitentiary institution, for the purpose of requesting these video recordings on the basis of the court ruling. 

The State Inspector's Service will carry out all the necessary investigative and procedural actions in limited time. In addition, the Service will cooperate with M. Saakashvili and his lawyers within the framework of the criminal case investigation in order to ensure their participation in the investigation and to inform them of the progress of the investigation.