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28 Dec 2021

State Inspector Londa Toloraia met with the EUDEL Deputy Head Asuncion Sanchez Ruiz and representatives of 8 EU MS embassies

State Inspector Londa Toloraia met with the EUDEL Deputy Head Asuncion Sanchez Ruiz and representatives of 8 EU MS embassies.

The meeting was also attended by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Maaike Van Koldam, the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland Mariusz Maszkiewicz, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic Petr Mikyska, the Deputy Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Tanja Hutt, the Deputy Ambassador of Greece Georgios Papanikolaou, Deputy Head of Mission of Romania Dragos Ispas, Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Italy Nicola Iorio, Representative of the Embassy of Estonia Peeter Pals and representatives of the EUDEL.

The meeting with the diplomatic corps representatives was covering the draft law on the abolition of the State Inspector's Service and creation of two new agencies instead of it, prepared by the Parliament of Georgia, which was discussed today by the Parliamentary Committees.

At the meeting, Londa Toloraia briefed the diplomatic corps on the progress made by the Service over the past 2 years and the challenges faced. Londa Toloraia also spoke about the reasons that led to the conspiratorial, urgent drafting of the draft law by the Parliament of Georgia.

"A reform of such scale without the involvement of the service itself is unbelievable. There is no precedent for abolishing agencies using this form and methods. Firing all employees of the Service is a very bad message for all public servants. The Parliament of Georgia did not ask any questions to the State Inspector's Service regarding the ongoing reform and we received information about it through the media. When we submitted a draft law on strengthening the Service to the Parliament of Georgia, it turns out that the Parliament was conspiratorially preparing a draft law to abolish the Service. "This 'reform' is to punish the Service for lawful and impartial decisions," Londa Toloraia said.

Representatives of the diplomatic corps expressed their concerns about the non-transparent and accelerated conduct of the processes around the State Inspector's Service. At the same time, they noted that in order to bring the country closer to European standards, it is important that all processes to be carried out with maximum involvement of stakeholders and through broad discussions. Representatives of the diplomatic corps underlined the role of the State Inspector's Service in the process of human rights’ protection. According to their assessment, such a large representation of the diplomatic corps in the State Inspector Service office, once again expresses their great support for the Service.