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16 Oct 2020

The staff of the State Inspector’s Service Enrolled in the HELP Online Course

With the total of six modules, the training programme will last for several months and the learning will be conducted through the HELP distance learning platform. 

The course will be held jointly for the staff of the State Inspector’s Service and of the Ministry of Justice.

Sophio Jiadze, the Deputy State Inspector, Vahagn Muradyan, the Deputy Head of Council of Europe Office in Georgia and Ketevan Sarajishvili, the representative of the Ministry of Justice addressed the participants at the opening event. The tutors and the co-authors of the course provided detailed information about the standards of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) and the importance of the topics covered by the programme to the course participants.

The course on the standards of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) aims at providing the participants with an understanding of the key standards of the CTP concerning five the most important places of the deprivation of liberty: police stations, prisons, immigration detention facilities, psychiatric and social care institutions.

knowledge acquired within the course will assist the participants in implementing international standards in their everyday work, developing consistent practice and effective fulfillment of their duties. The course comprises practical and theoretical issues, as well as assessment.

The course on the standards of the Committee for Preventing Torture (CPT) is the second learning programme for the State Inspector’s Service implemented within the HELP platform and supported by the Council of Europe. The State Inspector’s Service will actively continue working on building the capacities of its staff in future.