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25 Oct 2021

Londa Toloraia Met with the Legal Advisor of the Department of Justice of the US Embassy in Georgia, Lana Owens

The meeting was held between the State Inspector Londa Toloraia and the Legal Advisor of the Department of Justice of the US Embassy in Georgia Lana Owens. The meeting was attended by the representatives of the Service and the US Embassy.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss the mandate of the State Inspector’s Service, challenges and needs the Service faces and opportunities for future cooperation.

Londa Toloraia introduced Lana Owens to the specifics of the activities of the State Inspector’s Service and existing legislative and practical challenges the Service faces. The discussion touched upon the factors hindering the effective conduct of investigation. The parties also discussed issues related to the separation of investigative and prosecutorial functions and the legislative proposal prepared by the State Inspector’s Service aimed to increase effectiveness of investigation of official misconduct. The State Inspector stressed the importance of support for the Service in institutional strengthening by the international partners, among them, the US Embassy.

From her part, Lana Owens got interested in the degree of cooperation between the law enforcement and other public bodies and the activities planned to increase the independence of the Service. She expressed readiness to get engaged in refining the legislative proposal prepared to increase the effectiveness of the State Inspector’s Service. Lana Owens noted that the effective functioning of the State Inspector’s Service and impartial investigation in facts of ill-treatment is directly linked to the degree of public trust towards the law enforcement bodies. She also emphasized the importance of cooperation with the State Inspector’s Service by other law enforcement agencies and unhindered provision of evidence by them.  

The State Inspector’s Service attributes special importance to active cooperation with strategic international partners. In the frame of the meeting, the parties agreed on continuing active future cooperation.