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12 Oct 2021

An Internship was Announced at the Investigative Department of the State Inspector’s Service


To select motivated lawyers equipped with high professional knowledge and skills, the State Inspector’s Service announces an open competition for intern-investigators.

Applications will be accepted via the webpage administered by the Civil Service Bureau from 12 October to 25 October -

An individual interested in applying must be a citizen of Georgia with higher legal education, speaking state language of Georgia, has passed a unified qualification exam for the investigator of the State Inspector’s Service or qualification exam with specialization in criminal law or general specialization for judges/prosecutors/advocates at the Training Center of Justice of Georgia.

Competition for internship comprises of the following stages:

  • receiving/selecting applications;
  • testing in the profession;
  • testing in general skills;
  • interviewing.

In case of successful completion of all of the stages, selected 5 best intern-investigators will undergo a paid internship for up to 1 year at the East Unit of the Investigative Department of the State Inspector’s Service.

The internship program is the best opportunity for anyone interested to gain practical experience with a team of professional investigators.

The salary of the intern-investigators is 1000 Lari (accrued).

Upon successful completion of the internship, the candidate has a real chance of being appointed to the position of the investigator at the State Inspector’s Service or may have his or her internship extended.

Additionally, in the course of the ongoing competition, up to 15 reserve candidates will be selected for the first time. In case of an increase of staff units, termination of internship of the intern-investigators or other cases provided by law, without taking further competition, they will be appointed only based on an interview at the Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi Units.

The internship and mentoring program at the Investigative Department of the State Inspector’s Service has been established since 2020.

Detailed information regarding the internship program is given at the following link -

For further information, candidates can contact the Administrative Department of the State Inspector’s Service at the following telephone number:  0322 421000

Wish you good luck!