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16 Feb 2021

Action Plan On Fight against Torture, Inhuman, Cruel or Degrading Treatment or Punishment Was Approved

Today, 2021-202 years’ action plan on fight against torture, inhuman, cruel or degrading treatment was approved at the meeting of the Interagency Council under the Ministry of Justice. 

Giorgi Gamezardashvili, First Deputy Inspector and Tamar Zubashvili, Head of the International Relations, Analytics and Strategic Development Department attended the session. 

The State Inspector’s Service, which since 1 November 2019has been investigating possible cases of degrading or inhuman treatment, torture, a threat to torture, participated for the first time in the process of drafting the action plan. The Service was actively engaged in defining activities prescribed by the document. The Interagency Council took into account the challenges identified in the annual report of the Service and the absolute majority of the recommendations suggested to the working group. 

At the meeting of the Council the importance of the establishment of the State Inspector’s Service, as an independent mechanism for investigating cases of torture, inhuman, cruel or degrading treatment and the Service’s role in the process of fighting against those types of cases was emphasized.

The action plan provides institutional development and strengthening of the independence of the Service. Intending to prevent ill-treatment cases, the action plan prescribes a set of measures – informing persons deprived of liberty on protecting guarantees against ill-treatment promptly, implementing necessary mechanisms for exercising their rights, strengthening civil servants’ capacities and raising public awareness. For effective identification and investigation of the cases of ill-treatment, the plan envisages the following activities – improving notification mechanism of possible ill-treatment by public entities, conducting forensic medical expertise in the frame of investigation for alleged victims by the expert establishments promptly and defining a duty expert after working hours and on weekends, elaborating normative acts for video surveillance systemsinstalled in law enforcement authorities and regulating archiving and storing terms of materials obtained through video surveillance. As for the protection of victims of ill-treatment, the action planprovides measures oriented on resocialization and strengthening psycho-social rehabilitation programs. 

One of the sources for confirmation of fulfilment of the activities provided by the action plan is the report of the State Inspector’s Service which is annually submitted to the Parliament of Georgia by the Service. In the process of accomplishing obligations provided by the action plan, The Service is ready to cooperate with all participant state authorities, with the Office of the Public Defender, non-governmental and international organizations. 

Fulfillment of the obligations provided for in the action plan on fighting against torture, inhuman, cruel or degrading treatment, will significantly strengthen fighting against such crime categories both at the prevention and investigation stage.